The Death of the Party

by Dollar Signs

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This album written over the course of the past year. It's much, much louder than anything we've put out before. It's mostly about graduating college and not being able to find a job. Sidenote: Please hire us. We are too broke.
This album was recorded over the course of 2 days at the World Famous Milestone during the winter vortex.
This album was made possible by indigogo and Kanye West. Srs.

Thanks for listening. If you can throw us a few bucks you should, we are trying to tour out west this summer and we only can if you help us out!


released 07 February 2014

Erik Button: Vocals, guitar
Arion Chamberlain: the ones and twos
Luke Gunn: Lead guitar, vocals, trumpet, flugle horn, glockenspiel
Dylan Wachman: Vocals, bass

Gang vocals by:
Brett Green, Adam Ant, Rusty Colton, Laura Staples, Laura Grbs and some other guy

Mixed and mastered by: Dane Abernathy and Jonathan Hughes at Battletrax

Album photo by Erik Button, Layout/Design by Dylan Wachman




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Dollar Signs Charlotte, North Carolina

If you want us to play a show in your town please email us (if you live on the east coast):
Charlotte via Burlington North Carolina band that plays punk music with acoustic instruments. Incorporating bitter honesty with a tongue and cheek sarcasm Dollar Signs shouts their way through exploring topics of loneliness, alcoholism, shitty apartments, and of course, fast food.
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Track Name: The Pizza Man Cometh (intro)
Pizza Man Cometh
When I eat I like to smoke.
When I smoke I like to drink
When I drink I like to eat
When I eat I order pizza.

I used to think that I was special
I used to think that I was an individual
But when I go to parties and everyone’s hungry
We get the same toppings: PEPPERONI PEPPERONI. WOAH
Track Name: Party Time!
Like a horror film in the 90’s, we’re all 20-somethings desperately trying to pass of as teenagers
Teenage angst turned into 20 something bitterness and that bitterness is turning me into an alcoholic
Every fifteen minutes I go outside for a cigarette because I don’t think these people are my friends
And now I’m in the basement playing with the owners do because to everyone else I don’t belong

It is party time!
Do we drink just to feel alive?
Do we drink to say what’s on our minds?
Or do we drink to forget that we’re all gonna DIIIIIEEEEEEEE

And at this point I hope that the cops just break this party up so I can drink alone and get even more fucked up.
Now I’m in the kitchen eating all the owners food and I can hear them dancing in the other room
They’re dancing to dubstep when a rap song comes on
and all the white kids get excited because they can scream the n-word and say they’re just singing along!

There’s a cute girl in the corner that I am just avoiding because I’m afraid that she’ll ask me what I do for a living
but she already knows, I came to this party in my work clothes and to say the least I don’t match the 80’s theme
If college taught me anything it’s that I don’t need drinking games or beer pong to tell me when to drink.
Track Name: Good Guy
I was drinking beers with some anarchists.
They said we won’t be happy until there are no more governments
and people in power create prejudice
but can you name me one example in human history where we’ve been able to coexist
without checks and balances?

From Jesus, Joan of Arc, John Lennon, JFK
We always seem to shoot all the good ones in the face.
Welcome to the human race.

If you want to be happy steal from others
If you’re a big enough asshole you’ll get your own reality television show.
If you want to be good get ready to suffer
Torture was invited for those that are not cowards

From Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King to Malcolm X
We always seem to shoot all the good ones in the back of the head
Only two kinds of people left. The quick and the dead

And so I hope that I hurt more people than I get hurt by.
Because I don’t want to die.
Track Name: Coolest Guy in the Room
You’re the coolest guy in the room
Started smoking Camel Blues when you were in middle school
and you’re parents paid for you to party down at ECU

you’re coolest guy in the room

You’re uncle knows Little Wayne so you’ll have a record deal soon
and you’ve never had a job but you somehow drive a BMW

you’re the coolest guy in the room

When you were 17 a girl punched a hole inside of you
so now you try to fuck everything girl that talks to you

You’re the coolest guy thats doomed

no one will hangout unless you buy them booze
so just like your father you will drink away your youth
til those camel blues you’ve been smoking since middle school
finally fuckingmurder you! :)

you’re the coolest guy in the room
And that’s why no one’s talking to you.
Track Name: Shit Tip/Smoking Outside
Seriously, don’t be a dick. Tip your waiters and delivery folks. We live off that money.

My favorite part of going to punk shows is smoking outside.
I saw black flag play in 1985
I went to Warped Tour in 1999
We. Are. Smoking. Out. Side.
Track Name: The Walking Dead
Why get out of bed when in fact I have no reason to get up
I stumble to the sink and fill my cup
Why bother getting dressed when in fact I have no where to go
I can’t afford to go to the show

My friends all want me to have fun but their fun is making me fucking bankrupt

Why watch the Walking Dead when in fact I am the walking dead
I’ve become a stranger to all my friends
Why look for a job when in fact that is a job within itself
I need to retain my mental health

My doctor tells me that I should go up but I just want to drink til I throw
I am the walking dead, I am. I might as well be fucking dead.
Track Name: The Bar
12:00 pm still asleep the price is right in on downstairs.
Forgot to call my girlfriend, missed lunch with my parents
There’s throw up in my bed from I don’t know where.
I’m never drinking tequila again.

I drank whiskey like water now water like whiskey
The bottle it missed, my eyes are bleary
My hands are shaking

You only like me when I’m drunk
You only like me when you’re drunk!
You only like me when we’ve been drinking
And you hate my sad songs yeah you hate my sad songs
Can you write me a love song, they’re better for dancing!

Who did I text last night, how did I get this black eye, how did I wake up on my carpet?
Why is there half a Dorito’s Loco Taco in my pocket? Dude, seriously where’s my car?
I think that I lowered the bar.
Track Name: I'm More Tolerant Than You by Mattie Jo Canino
The Passive Aggressive Punks are here to fuck shit up

We shoplift from Walmart and we act we’re Robin Hood but we only ever steal shit that we want.

Every punk rock kid hates racism but when you go to punk rock shows all you ever see is straight white men.

Starting our own punk rock bands to spread our message of anti-capitalism (and sell t-shirts)

At the Vans Warped Tour sponsored by: COMPANY NAMES
Track Name: Hikikomori
There is something in my fridge that went bad awhile ago now I’m afraid to open it
My apartment smells like shit.
I already lost my security deposit when I got drunk and punched that hole in the wall.
It’s been 3 days since anyone has called. Why do I own a cellphone at all?

And I Google all night but I didn’t learn a damn useful thing. The milk went bad so I’ll have a strong whiskey drink. The internet can only occupy so much of a grown man’s time.

There is a book under my I’ve been wanting to read, I finished another Yuengling; tonight’s not gonna suck
There is a Kayne West record I’ve playing on repeat; tonight’s not gonna suck.

I’m having fun all by myself

The rhythm to this song was written to the beat of the folks upstairs getting it on.
The harmonies were written to the man next door. He’s trying to watch porn.
The gang vocals were provided by the cockroaches. They’ll be here when I’m gone.
Track Name: I Have A Lot of Money by Jay Z
$50,000 for a college education
I’m filling out resumes to work in fast food again
My parents get embarrassed when they get asked about their kids
My brother is a banker he’s got his shit together
I’ve never had more than $3000 to my name

We’ve all got big shoes to fill, we’ve got expectations we won’t live up to.
I stopped doing what I love so I can pay for shit I want
I guess I’m good at growing up

My friends are getting married and they’re starting their careers.
They’ll have kids and stocks by this time next year
When they ask me how I’m doing I say I’m doing well
For once I can pay my water bill

I’m a giant disappointment. They tell me that Dollar Signs won’t make me feel fine but it’ll get me the best kind of depression that money can buy.
Track Name: Dollar Signs 2: The Quest for More Money
I need a job

My resume’s a joke and to everyone else it looks like a suicide note
I smoke cigarettes so someday soon I’m gonna health insurance
I drink too much beer so I need money for the cab ride outta here

I need a job.

How long can I pretend
That I’ll ever make it as a musician
I keep telling myself that we have a cult following
But who really gives a shit about the songs that we sing
So while I’m still standing on a stage
Try to be entertaining
Let me ask you
Is anybody hiring?

I need a job. (X forever)
Track Name: Pizza Man Taketh Away (Outro)
I sat on the shore, I stared at the stars
And anyone else would think of a beautiful Metaphor
but I’m pretty stupid, and I’m not all that observant so I said “Fuck this, I go shitty cell phone service”

If I were smart enough I’d think about someone that I deeply love
But I am not in love I just bitched about how I work WAY TOO DAMN MUCH
And anyone else in this moment would think about someone they missed.
But I’ve only been in shitty relationships. So I mostly just thought about where I’d eat fast food next. I was thinking Arby’s.

And In that moment I started thinking about my own death
and if I had to choose I’d prefer to die in a car wreck
The carnage would cause hours of traffic
I’d temporarily keep people away from their family and friends
so I’d die exactly how I lived, a mild inconvenience.

how my death will affect the dow jones well I don’t know I don’t know probably not too much
I wonder how many of my Facebook friends will show up at my funeral
I don’t know, I don’t know probably not too many

And the ones there will just there to take instagram pictures of my body

But don’t feel sad for me, my friend because you don’t have to pay rent when you’re lying in a coffin
Don’t feel sad for me, my friend, cause you won’t have no rent when you’re lying in a my coffin
Don’t feel sad for me, my friend. Feel sorry for the sucker who’s gonna have to cover my work shift.

Because my work is shit.